Custom Fabrication

Adams Production Services provides custom fabrication of a variety of equipment, assemblies, and components.

From cable assemblies to stage scenery, electrical enclosures to custom metalworking, Adams Production Services has you covered. With over 15 years of experience in custom fabrication, we have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality. We can fabricate audio and DMX cable, coaxial and ethernet cable, multipin and Socapex cable, electrical and feeder cable, with any cable or connector configuration. We fabricate custom rack panels and electrical enclosures. We design and build stage scenery and backdrops, and can repair most any electrical or mechanical component.

Please contact us today to discuss your production needs.

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    This is a dual X32 Rack system, with

    a 50A 220V power distro, APC UPS,

    and WiFi for iPad control.

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    This is a 5 circuit power extension panel

    with a custom fabricated enclosure,

    used to relocate circuits from within a rack

    to a front mounted panel.

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    This is an in ear monitor rack system,

    capable of 8 mono or 4 stereo mixes,

    built for Jill Miller and her band.

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    This is a lumber rack built for VCT from

    surplus steel. It can hold over 4,000lbs

    of lumber, including 4x8 plywood sheets.

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    This is a custom microphone gooseneck,

    which is easily lengthened or shortened,

    and securely clamps onto a cymbal or

    microphone stand.

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    This is one of several 50A 220V power

    distribution units that were built for

    Creative Entertainment to power

    monitor amplifier racks.